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Inter-Strat works with customers to identify and develop business opportunities across countries in Asia, Middle East , UK & USA. From market research to customer satisfaction studies, our work spans the entire product life cycle.

Marketing Strategy
Market Research & Assessment
Industry Sector Studies
Market Entry Planning
Marketing Strategy Development & Review
Marketing Related Due Diligence
Pricing Innovation
Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy
Product Positioning

Business Planning
Business Plan Development / Review
Export Plan Development
Identification / Evaluation of Prospective Partners

Marketing Channel Strategy
Channel Strategy Development / Review
Channel Partner Identification / Interaction

Voice of The Customer
Inputs for Product / Services Design
Customer Satisfaction Studies

Marketing & Sales

Building & Maintaining - Industry Databases / Prospecting
Identification & Profiling of Prospective Customers
Start-up Marketing & Sales Management

To know more about how Inter-Strat works with clients in the Business-to-Business space, solving real problems in areas related to business expansion, do look up our Experience pages.